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Health Care

In many cases, the direct doctor-patient communication is difficult or impossible. The doctor cannot control the health condition while the patient is at home or driving a car. Even if a direct contact is established, the patient might be unable to explain his/her health condition and emotional state because of coma, traumatic shock, autism, or severe mental condition. Our system enables doctors to detect and analyze the patient’s emotions, even if he or she is unable to express them. Under the hood, we use machine learning algorithms that interpret physiological variables (heart rate or blood pressure) as distinct emotional states. Network-connected biosensors can then pass critical health information and alerts to health care specialists to take immediate action.


Sentimental Analysis

Deep understanding of the user’s emotional state and opinion in social media, consumer web, or e-commerce can fuel effective advertising, personalization, and improve the user experience. Our system uses state-of-the-art algorithms that process information from biosensors to determine attitudes of speakers, writers, or users to various topics, events, discussions, and digital content. Human inclination mining is seamlessly integrated into a medium of communication without disrupting its natural flow and securing that insights are delivered instantly to those who take decisions.



Preventing a crime before it occurs is a hard task that requires constant alertness and preparedness. An automated crime prevention system powered by InSyS algorithms is always ready to detect emotions that precede a criminal action. Be it an airport, stadium, or another large public facility our system can identify and select individuals for further screening based on their current psychological and emotional state.



Playing video games is an intense emotional experience. The player’s emotional response to a video game can tell much about what he or she feels about the game. Using our system, video game companies can programmatically adjust the degree of game difficulty for player retention and satisfaction. The system seamlessly connected to game engines and consoles can be used to personalize game content, introduce new features, and collect user opinions to improve video games.