• Non-Invasiveness

  • Configurability

  • Easy Integration


With InSyS Technology, you can adjust detection and monitoring parameters to any physical environment of your choice. You can also select a specific set of physiological variables to watch depending on the target group you are monitoring and behavioral patterns of interest. This makes InSyS Technology highly flexible, configurable, and resilient to any attempts to circumvent it by organized crime.


InSyS Technology works in a non-invasive way without giving an individual the ability to control or alter his emotional state. Biosensors that send physiological data to ML algorithms can be integrated into physical infrastructure and hardware without affecting business logic, facility operations. Thanks to this feature, InSyS Technology is capable of producing accurate results and saving time both for its users.

Easy Integration

The system supports various integration interfaces and network types. In public facilities and infrastructure objects, it may be implemented as a Wireless Network. The system can pass biosensor data to cloud servers for further processing. If used as a part of the computer hardware, biosensors can interact with standard PC network interfaces sending mission-critical data to private servers or databases.