Better Security With Automatic Detection of Human Intent

Being invasive and error-prone, conventional security and surveillance systems often fail in preventing crimes and terrorist attacks in airports, border checkpoints, public/private facilities and other crowded locations.

To move security forward to a new age of automation, InSyS has developed its revolutionary detek system. Powered by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and biosensors that track key physiological variables, detek detects criminal intents almost instantly without disturbing lawful citizens. detek can be seamlessly integrated into Wireless Networks and connected to cloud servers and physical networks to send instant alerts to security personnel.

Thanks to its revolutionary ML algorithms and biosensor technology, detek is a perfect solution to improve safety and prevent financial and personal damage.

detek can add value to security services in charge of:

  • Borders checkpoints and customs (B2G)

  • Public facilities like sport complexes (B2B)

  • Shopping centers and hotels (B2B)

detek Benefits:





detek tracks the emotional state via digital biosensors that do not disturb millions of people passing through public facilities on a daily basis. This design reflects our vision for a security system that does not compromise individual comfort and privacy.


Conventional security checks require additional security personnel and equipment. Thanks to its fully automated design, detek reduces costs of security checks while improving their quality and precision. detek efficiently de-couples surveillance from screening saving time both for security services and citizens.


detek is powerful in monitoring various types of criminal activities, such as organized crime or terrorism. Using a configurable set of physiological variables the system may be adjusted to various alert levels and ensure that even the most sophisticated criminal groups would not overcome the security systems in airports, public facilities, and commercial buildings.